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It's an inexpensive way to get targeted information to the right people at the right time.

Communicating with the numerous interest groups in your community can be a challenge: Job seekers, soccer moms and dads, community members, and the trades.
They'd all appreciate getting tailored information as soon as it's available.


Easy communication with the numerous interest groups in your community.


Various solutions for pushing information to your constituents.

List Serve (e-Newsletters)

Our "permission communication" service or List Serve reduces the administrative burden of keeping track of email distribution lists. It also automates the subscribe and unsubscribe process, making it convenient for your constituents to join and leave your mailing lists at their convenience.

Text Notification System

Allow visitors to your site to sign up for one or more text notifications lists (Emergencies, Cancellations, Closings, etc.)

Syndicated Content (RSS Feeds)

RSS allows for real time update to your favorite web content via RSS Readers. Any website providing RSS content can be included in your RSS Reader to create a single access point for all of your favorite web content. RSS Readers allow you to view RSS feeds as standard content and alert you of any updates. RSS Readers can be downloaded as standalone applications directly to your desktop. Others plug directly into your browser or e-mail software. Portals like My Yahoo act as RSS Readers and allow you to add RSS content directly to your My Yahoo page. Hundreds of users receive these feeds on their custom RSS pages at these sites.


Create a blog for your website. Choose when and how long to publish your posts, allow commenting on your blog posts, and appoint a moderator (recommended).

Share Buttons

muniweb integrates one-click email and social media sharing buttons for your visitors to use.

Social Media Strategy

muniweb will work with you to refine and review your social media approach to ensure all areas of social media are being used to your municipality's best interest.  Click here to read more.


Create a single question poll that can be integrated into any section of your website. Allows visitors to view current and previous poll results.

Survey Service

Set up multi-question surveys. Features fully functional admin system, 30+ different question types, data export to Excel/CVS file and advanced reporting console.

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