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muniweb® creates professional websites that reflects your community’s unique character.  We ensure that the website can be enhanced in future phases to web-enable additional services.  The design becomes a springboard for a customer-focused website that uses today’s technology. We develop the website in such a manner that maintenance and enhancement is simple.

Unique Designs

Most web development firms provide one cookie-cutter design. We provide a distinct, custom design after feedback from you in a design review meeting. We meet with the appropriate personnel to determine the full scope of potential content. During these meetings we gather information in a variety of formats. We also review a number of websites to understand your preferences for certain design elements such as color, abstraction, imagery, placement of navigation, etc.

Ease of Navigation

We've also come up with ways to make navigation easier on large municipal sites. CSS dropdown menus have become the standard of many websites simply because they are easy to use.  muniwebTM has perfected the art of customizing dropdown menus to each website. 


In our initial design meetings, we discuss the main purposes your community is trying to achieve in developing your new website, such as:

  • Improve communications between your residents and your departments/services
  • Increase participation in community activities and public meetings
  • Enhance business attraction
  • Spur residential growth
  • Showcase your community to appeal to visitors
  • Benefit municipal employees by decreasing the amount of phone calls to various departments

Visual Extras

We believe that images can add a powerful punch without taking away from the information that needs to be displayed.  We've come up with solutions that allows a variety of city images to be proudly displayed without taking up precious content area.  Your website will be beautiful without sacrificing functionality.

Color Selection

Whether your new website design must include the colors of your municipal seal, or you want to convey a special theme such as Victorian or Historical, we will work with you to understand these preferences before beginning your unique design.


Logos and taglines should be a prominent feature of your municipal website.  We will work with you to create a branding strategy based on your logo and/or taglines. We have also worked with communities to update or revise existing logos and taglines.

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