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Dusty Website - Update MeIs your community's website getting a little dusty? You're not alone. A quick tour of your neighbors' websites will reveal that updating a municipal website is one of the toughest aspects of having an effective Internet presence. Your constituents are counting on you to put the latest information on as soon as it's available. Let the information get out of date and they'll go back to phoning City Hall.

Our website maintenance service is designed specifically to help you keep your website current. Our quick updates and attention to detail ensure that your site will stay as fresh and consistent as the day it went live.  Our processes ensure that updates from emergency changes to low priority additions are handled quickly. Charges are assessed on a ¼ hour basis so that you won’t get charged a full hour for a change that only takes a half hour to make. A billing report is provided each month that details maintenance activities on the website. Best of all, our web stewards guarantee a four business hour response time for routine maintenance items, 1 hour high priority response time and immediate emergency response time.


1. Can we outsource some of our maintenance to you and do some ourselves?

Yes. We're happy to help whenever you need assistance. Our clients outsource all, some, or none of their website maintenance to us. In some cases, we do the more complicated updates and leave the rest to your non-technical staff.

2. Does muniweb® have to host the website?

No, we perform maintenance on several websites that are hosted at other locations. We're always happy to help with your hosting needs though. Sample Maintenance Billing Report

3. How do we know what work was performed each month?

We provide a detailed billing statement every month that lets you know what updates were done, who on our staff performed the work and how much time each update took. This report gives you the tools needed to keep track of maintenance activities and to rebill different accounts for their maintenance activities if necessary.

4. Do you bill in 1/4 hour increments? 

Yes, so that you don't have to pay for a full hour's work if we only do 45 minutes worth of work.

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