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e-Government Applications

Because we specialize in municipal websites, we'll put your city on the leading edge of e-government
Second generation municipal websites are starting to deliver on the promise of a 24-hour virtual town hall. Being able to get a permit, buy a license, pay a parking ticket or sign up for the soccer league from your website is the convenience your customers are starting to expect.


muniweb® is experienced at both integrating third party, web-enabled products and developing custom web applications for your city, town or county. We've helped a number of municipalities to extend processes and services to their websites including:

  • Action Center (Citizen Issue Resolution)
  • Assessing Data Lookup System
  • Available Building and Sites Database
  • Business Directory
  • Document Library Module
  • eCommerce Payments
  • Employment Application Process
  • Map Builder
  • Performance Dashboard Transparency Solution
  • Property Tax Lookup System
  • Reservation System
  • Vendor Management System


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